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Welcome to O'Rear Farm and Horseshoeing
Located in Centerview, Mo


O'Rear Farm offers great horse training and horseshoeing. We train any breed of horse but we specialize in Appaloosas and POA's. We train horses with natural horsemanship. We do not force horses into doing anything, we present the training in a way that they can understand. We offer colt starting, show tune ups, and regular horse training.
O'Rear Horseshoeing is also offered at O'Rear Farm. BWFA certified farrier, Christina O'Rear, does hot and cold shoeing, pathological shoeing, and forge work. She graduated from Shur Shod Horseshoeing School where she learned from the best in the business.

Trainer and Farrier: Christina O'Rear


 Centerview, Mo 64019

O'Rear Farm and Horseshoeing--- Centerview, Mo