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O'Rear Farm Horse Training

Good Horse Training at a Reasonable Price


When horses come in for training, they stay in a very roomy stall at night, get turned out in the pasture an hour or so a day and have a lot to run around in the rest of the time. Horses always have fresh water and get fed grain twice a day and as much hay as they can eat. We treat your horse as if it was our own, and our horses get treated like kings and queens :-).
The  training we offer at O'Rear Farm is along the lines of Downunder Horsemanship. We train horses to have good ground manners, how to flex, give to pressure and how to be respectful. We do not force horses into training we present the training in a way for them to understand. We offer horse training, colt starting, and show tune ups. Horses get exsposed to all sorts of sounds and situations out at O'Rear Farm. Our barn is next to the train tracks and we live behind MFA so the horses get use to semi trucks and alot of traffic. We also offer hoof care while they are in training. If you have any other questions just ask!!!

$400 for 30 days training

O'Rear Farm and Horseshoeing--- Centerview, Mo